Research Japanese products by Japanese living in Tokyo.

When you can't find good information on the Internet, ask me anything.

I'll give you the information on the Japanese products you want to know for free.

I'm Japanese, so I'm familiar with product brands, and I used to import and export.

My purpose is to know global needs and connect something to my company's business in the future.
So ask me anything! I will provide the information for free.

Tell me what you want to know.

In some cases, I will export the best Japanese products to you.
(If I want to handle the product myself.)

Hideharu Ozawa
Profile: Currently CEO of a company that plans and develops English learning apps. In addition, I was in the import/export business in my 20s. Familiar with Japanese specialties and products.
I'm sure my experience and knowledge will be of use to you.

I have devoted these 20 years to the digital content business,
when I thought about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I decided to export good Japanese products.

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Address: Tote Komazawa Koen 3F, Komazawa Koen 1-1, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
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What's new.
News: 2023-01-09

Tourist numbers to Japan this year are expected to return to pre-corona levels.

Not only souvenirs but also various products will spread to the world this year, and the number of Japanese product lovers will increase in each country.
News: 2023-01-07
I compared the prices on Amazon in Japan and the US.
Japanese products selling high in the U.S.
News: 2023-01-03

Tuna sashimi and sushi have become popular in China, and sushi restaurants are opening one after another in China.

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